Virtual collaboration: Dance by Vasco Pedro Mirine

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vkmirine rpalov collaboration

Virtual collaboration between sound and dance. Dance by Vasco Pedro Mirine from Mozambique, he is a Maputo dancer and creator! And rebekkah Palov is an electronic sound and image artist from Hornell, New York State, USA.

The project is in response to the promise of project DUNA: lets make it together, how do we find each other, because we need each other.

In reply to the proposal of DUNA Festival chat about interest in doing a collaboration, Vasco Pedro Mirine responded he also would want to do a collaboration in reply to Rebekkah. After a few audio calls across six-hours time difference and sharing one another's art, and testing how to do the collaboration, the time and date were set.

On April 18, 2021, 6:33 her time and Rebekkah would live mix and make the sound and share this stream with Vasco Pedro Mirine who had his computer set up for the network collaboration. It was 12:33 his time. Vasco Pedro Mirine would do improvisational dance, responding to the live stream audio from rebekkah, and rebekkah would see the webcam feed of his dance. Vasco had the sound from Rebekkah playing on BlueTooth speaker from his computer, while his friend and colleague would shoot video of his dance.

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May 1, 2021

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