MAY 5, 2024 NowNet Arts Lab Ensemble

NowNet Arts Lab Ensemble: Performance Demonstrations

May 5, 2:00pm EDT at the NowNet Arts Virtual Venue

Program: ”In 3” Composer: Sarah Weaver

Performers/Improvisers: Viv Corringham (voice, electronics) (New York), Emily Graber (violin) (Pennsylvania), Cassia Carrascoza Bonfim (flute) (Brazil), Biggi Vinkeloe (alto sax) (Sweden), Lynn Baker (tenor sax) (Spain), Colin James Gibson (guitar) (Toronto), James Ilgenfritz (bass) (Oregon), Diane Roblin (piano, electric keyboards) (Toronto), Gloria Damijan (toys, objects, percussion) (Austria), Jane Wang (multi-instrumentalist) (Boston), Rebekkah Palov (electronics) (New York), Beth Warshafsky (live video) (New York), Sarah Weaver (conductor) (New York)

NowNet Arts Hub - March 5 in Partnership with Experimental Intermedia andHarvestworks Digital Media Arts Center

Again happy to be part of the evolving ensemble and program!!

PROGRAM: "Deep Field Synthesis" by Sarah Weaver (composer), Katherine Liberovskaya (visual director)

"Deep Field Synthesis" is a long-form network large ensemble piece on contemplative concepts of networked synchrony utilizing intuitive gesture, composition, and improvisation. The piece is performed by the NowNet Arts Hub, an international virtual contemporary audiovisual performance group in partnership with Experimental Intermedia and Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center. The Hub works with performance-quality network arts technology including JackTrip audio.

Performers: Ximena Alarcon, voice (UK), Luisa Muhr, voice (New York), Anne Sophie Andersen, violin (Denmark), Cássia Carrascoza Bomfim, flute (Brazil), Biggi Vinkeloe, alto saxophone (Sweden), Lynn Baker, saxophones (Oregon), Christian Pincock, trombone (Seattle), Colin James Gibson, guitar (Toronto), Diane Roblin, piano, electric keyboards (Toronto), Ethan Cayko, percussion (Vermont), Jane Hsiaoching Wang, multi-instrumentalist (Boston), Glo Noise, toy pianos, percussion, objects (Vienna), Rebekkah Palov, electronics (New York), Travis Shetter, electronics (New York), Mike O’Connor, audio technology (Wisconsin), Kit Fitzgerald, live video (New York), Katherine Liberovskaya, live visuals (New York), Beth Warshafsky, live video (New York), Sarah Weaver, conductor (New York)

In Solidarity with brave people of Ukraine fighting for freedom from oppression.

NowNet Arts Hub - March 5 Solidarity with brave Ukraine